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Waterfall elopement in the forest of Yosemite

Just a few hours before this shoot I was probably the most stressed I've been in years. Literally, years.

Jared, Alex and I were all roaming around in Yosemite for the day...what could be better, right?! The weather was warm, the streams we put our feet into were crisp & cool, and we were surrounded by nature for miles and miles. Well, that was the problem. I had been contacted for an interview with a school back in Virginia just a few days before, while we were standing in REI looking at sleeping bags. I knew we would be in the middle of Yosemite, with no wifi access anywhere remotely close. I wasn't going to the tell the assistant principle I just told him I was available and thought I could figure it out later. Ha. That day came and we drove to a hotel, searched for campgrounds, went to Yosemite village, all to try to find those beautiful blue bars. There was nothing.

We asked around and finally, after a couple of hours, heard that there was strong enough wifi at the library in Yosemite village. I walked up to the door of the library, which was the size of my living room and asked, with desperation in my voice, if they had "good wifi". I explained I had a video interview in 45 minutes and the librarian was the sweetest she could be and said there was a picnic table out back that I could set up on. So, i set my laptop up outside, and waited for the call. I used some headphones chewed on by rats for my video call - and guys it all worked itself out. Thirty minutes later I got the call and was offered the job.

So, as stressed as I was...I couldn't believe that I had just managed to get a job, in Yosemite, and then go shoot the most beautiful elopement right in the middle of park. It was a dream like day that ended with some of the sweetest people. Eternally grateful for everyone who was a part.


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